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    Mình vừa viết hộ anh mình mầy bài topic khá đơn giản mà anh mình học sau đại học sư phạm. Mình post để chia sẻ cùng các bạn và rất mong nhận được ý kiến. Bài của mình còn thiếu sót vậy mong các bạn góp ý thẳng thắn

    My first day at school

    My first day at school is a day I will never forget. I went to school for the first time when I was only seven years old but I can recollect all the happenings on that day. The day before my school opened, my father asked me to keep my books ready

    The next morning, I woke up very early. Then I bathed and dressed myself neatly. Then my father took me to school. In the school I saw a number of new boys and girls waiting in the corridor. They were all like me in the school for the first time. I was then taken to a classroom.

    For sometime, I found myself helpless, but it did not take much time for me to be friendly with other students. After two periods, they began to tease me, I was much annoyed. During the recess time, all my classmates gathered around me. One pulled my shirt while another pulled my ear. A third boy challenged for a fight. I was frightened and began to cry. My teacher seeing me crying came to me and asked me why I was crying. When I told him my “story”, the teacher punished the boys, and from that time onwards they stopped bullying me. We had no lessons on the first day. But lessons started from the second day. I was really happy to be in school on the first day. It was indeed a memorable day.

    3, Favorite Teacher

    Everyone sat up expectantly. It was a maths period and all of us waited eagerly for our maths teacher, Mrs Huong, to come into the class. She is very popular among us. In fact, she is my favorite teacher.

    Mrs Huong has short curly hair and wears thick glasses, which makes her look stern. However, she is actually very approachable and is always ready to lend an ear to our problems. She is motherly and cares very much for us. I remember once when I fell and hurt my knee. Mrs Huong helped me to stop the bleeding and took me to the clinic. I was very grateful to her.

    I used to dislike maths when I was younger because I found it far too complicated. Mrs Huong always makes maths lessons interesting and easy to understand. She is very patient in explaining maths problems to us and always makes sure everyone understands. Under her guidance, my maths has improved by leaps and bounds.

    I have grown to love maths and I always score high marks in my maths tests now. It is all because of my favorite teacher.

    2, Your hobby

    Almost everybody has some kinds of hobby. My hobbies are listening to music and watching television.

    I am very fond of music. When I am free, I often listen to my favorite songs from an old cassette recorder. At weekends, I usually go to music shops in the downtown areas to buy good CDs. Of the famous pop singers, I prefer Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Madona and Paul MC Cartney.

    I also spend an hour after dinner watching news and documentary programmes. I particularly enjoy the program "The World Here and There" because it broadens my knowledge of nature and human civilizations.

    I think that my hobbies are very useful. They widen my knowledge, relax my mind, and make me feel better about myself.

    6, Daily Routines & 17, Typical day

    Every morning from Monday to Saturday, I get up at 6 o'clock. After breakfast, I go to school by bicycle. It takes me about 20 minutes from my house to my school. Usually, I study at school until 11:30 a.m. I return home at noon to have lunch with my family. In the afternoon I attend English and computer courses. I always get home just in time for dinner at 7:30 p.m. After dinner, while my
    parents are watching television in the living-room, I read books or prepare for school in my own room.

    I am free at weekends. On Sunday mornings, I get up later than usual. Then I often go shopping downtown with my friends. Sometimes we go for a picnic in the countryside. On rainy Sundays, I stay at home reading books and listening to music.

    I am quite happy with my daily activities.

    8, My best friend

    When I was in Primary Four, a new boy joined my class during the second semester. As I was sitting next to him, I was asked to help him to get used to the new environment. We hit it off instantly. Two years have passed. Now, we have become the best friends. That boy’s name is Huy.

    Huy is much taller and skinner than I am. He is also very agile. That is why he has qualified for our school basketball team. He is also one of our school’s best athletes. He specializes in the hurdles and high jump events.

    Huy is very involved in sports and games, he is very disciplined. He always finishes his homework on time. In fact, he has always been one of the top students in class.

    One major belief that both of us agree on is that friends should share their thoughts and knowledge. This enables us to know each other very well. Thus, in spite of the fact that he is an extrovert and I am not, we are still such close friends. I really treasure this friendship and hope that it will last forever.

    19, A member of your family ( My Mother )

    I am living with my parents. My mother is 45 years old. She is not very beautiful, but there is something attractive about her.

    Her face is oval with big brown eyes and red lips, which are always smiling. She has long black hair, a slim build and a fair complexion. Her character is admirable. She is very sweet and kind to her husband and children. She never gets angry with anyone. As a simple person, she does not like wearing expensive clothes and jewels. She is very busy with the housework from early morning until late at night.

    I love my mother very much. I miss her a lot when I am away from her for a long time. When I am free, I help my mother with the washing, cooking and errands. I always obey and respect my mother and try to study hard to please her.

    I wish she would live with me forever.

    10, My Hometown ( Hai Phong City ) haha

    Hai Phong city is my hometown which is located in the delta of the Red river. It is approximately 100 kilometres from Ha Noi, and serves as the most important sea port for the northern region of Viet Nam. My city isfamous for a lot of fascinating scenerys, especially Do Son beach and Cat Ba island In the city center, the life is very busy and active. There are a lot of streets with shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, supermarkets, cinemas, hotels,…In summer, the flamboyant blooms everywhere with the red colour,so my city is called the Red Flamboyant City. Hai Phong don't only have the sea but it also has mountains such as Elephant mountain... Although now I am far from my beautiful city, Haiphong is always in my heart forever.

    15, An important day in your country ( Independence Day )

    Independence day is an very important day in my country. This day is celebrated to remind my country's victory to Independence
    On September 2, 1945, in Hanoi’s Ba Dinh Square, hundreds of thousands of people heard President Ho Chi Minh, on behalf of the provisional government, read out the Declaration of Independence.

    Led by the Vietnamese Independence League, or Viet Minh, the August Revolution of 1945 ended 80 years of French colonial domination, abolished the monarchy and re-established Vietnam as an independent nation. Vietnam was the first country in Asia to achieve independence from colonial domination.
    All of people in my country feel proud of it very much

    14, How to keep Fit

    There are many ways to keep fit effectively.For me, A very good way to keep fit is doing exercise. For example, swimming is a very good sport to loose calories because it works up all my muscles. An other is using an exercise machine such as an exercise bike. If you don’t have one you can go out for a little jog. That ia really helpful

    We should do about one to two hours of exercise a day. Having a nice little run is a simple but effective way to exercise and it works for lots of people.
    For those people that find it difficult to do physical exercise, they can always go on a low fat diet. This stops the build up of fat in your body. Usually there is more fat in females and by doing a daily workout it will go very quickly.

    11, Favourite Season ( Spring)

    Each of seasons has its own differences. For me,my favorite season is spring. Spring symbolizes a new beginning. Each year, the trees blossom, the weather begins to get warmer, and the sun sets later. Like nature, people have the opportunity to start fresh, become rejuvenated, or embark upon a new journey as well. Spring is a very common season for weddings. Not only is the weather beautiful, despite the few rainstorms, the symbolization of life and new- beginnings are very powerful.
    My parents got married in May. My mom describes her wedding as one of the most magical days of her life. There is something about the spring weather that makes people more positive and happy. When you see all of the pretty flowers, all of the birds that return from the south, little children play together.So, why I love the Spring very much.

    12, Last summer holiday

    Going To Ha Long Bay was my unforgettable memmory last summer holiday.

    In the morning , the weather was fine, I went to Ha Long Bay with my family. It took us about two hours by car to arrive at our destination, and I felt very excited about it.

    When our car reached the top of the cliff overlooking the Bay, I admired the golden sand of the long beach, the blue sky and water, and the splendid country surroundings which looked like an artist’s painting.

    We put on our bathing-suits and ran into the water. It was a very happy swim for me. We played ball, challenged each other in swimming a certain distance. Of course, I was always beaten by my bigger brothers but I was satisfied with my good effort. When we felt tired, we lay down on the beach to rest and to have some sunbath. At about noon, we returned to our tent and had lunch.

    About 3 p.m. we went once more into the water and swam till 5 p.m. Finally, we got ready to start for home. Everyone was delighted to have spent such a wonderful swim. I really enjoyed swimming very much that day.

    12, Favorite sport & 1, Football

    My most favorite game is Football. It is a world famous game.

    Football is such a popular game that it is played even in the most remote corner of my country. People walk long distances to watch a football match. Even old people enjoy watching this game.

    To play this most interesting, I go to the field near my house where my friends wait for me every late afternoon. My friends also love this game very much. We play until dark.

    But it is a very hard game. It requires a lot of strength to kick the ball. They must also be skillful in controlling the ball. All this makes the game a difficult game indeed. Playing football however help us healthy and active.

    Playing football makes me feel interesting and relaxed. It is my favorite sport.

    4, Leisure Activities & 16, Favorite Ways To Relax

    There are many ways to relax / do in my free time.To me, Playing the guitar impresses me very much. My guitar very unique and beautiful. Now I can play a few simple tunes. I have ever begun to sing while playing the guitar but I has not been too successful at this.

    Another, I also spend my freetime keeping tropical fishes. I have a modest little glass aquarium to keep a variety of little fishes. Some of them were bought from the shop while some of them were caught from the stream near where I live.. Even my uncle loves watching them.

    I keep stamps too. However I would not call myself an avid stamp collector. Actually, I just take the stamps from card or envelope from my relatives and my friends.

    9, Yourself anh tự làm nhé...

    13, The first time you have done something

    When I was 20 years old, I went away from my house at the first time.I was punished by my father because I didn'd get a Math good mark at the school.I felt angry with my parents and I thought I was alone in this world.I wandered on the street everyday, from the morning to the evening and I slept in the park.I was hungry.Two days later, I missed my home much and I knew that it is my fault.I thought my parents were looking for me and I returned.I was happy and I didn't want to be far from my home again.

    20, Advantages and Disadvantages of TV

    Nowadays many people all over the world spent most of their free time watching television; but since its appearance, television has brought to man many advantages as well as disadvantages.

    First, television plays an important role in our daily activities: it keeps us informed of all current affairs in the world. Events through television are more vivid than those through books and magazines.

    Second, television helps us enrich our spiritual lives. Our knowledge is broadened in many ways. Through language teaching programs, we can learn the language we like such as: English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and so on. We can become skilful and clever at doing jobs, making cakes or arranging flowers through practical courses taught on television.

    Finally, television is a source of recreation. Humorous stories and funny films bring us minutes of relaxation after a hard day’s work. For me, sitting comfortably in an arm-chair to watch an international football match on television is more interesting than having to queue for tickets at a crowded stadium.

    Apart from its advantages, however, television also brings lots of disadvantages to viewers too.

    First, television viewers gradually become passive in their action. Television may be a splendid media of communication, but it prevents us from communicating with each other or with the outer world. The world seen through television is only the restricted one: It separates us from the real world.

    Second, television, with its fascinating power, makes people of all ages sink into oblivion: whole generations are growing up addicted to the telly. Pupils and students are so absorbed in television that they neglect their school activities. Food is left uneaten, homework undone and lessons unprepared. Housewives are so keen on watching television that they neglect their duties toward their husbands and their children. Instead of watching television, we may use the time for a real family hour. Without the distraction of television, we may sit around together after dinner and actually talk to one another to know and like each other better.

    Finally, the evil influence of television on the young generation is inevitable; it encourages them to commit crimes. Spectacles of sadism and violence on television lead them to robbery, theft, rape and murder.

    In a nutshell, television is useful to us when we know how to use it: Be careful not to overindulge ourselves in it and use it in a discerning manner.
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